Resource Review: Military Homefront

Military Homefront is a website that acts as the official website for the Military Community and Family Program that is part of the U.S. Department of Defense. According to the website it gives, “policy and guidance designed to help troops and their families, leaders and service providers.” That my friends, is a lot of information! I am going to limit my comments to the information given for troops and families.

First Glance

The Military Homefront The landing page has a section for the latest headlines relating to military families and highlights of the Military Community and Family Program. A section on community building is currently highlighted.There are also tabs to find information specifically for Troops and Families, Leaders and Service Providers. The sidebar has links to useful resources that are located on other websites.

The general information is pretty well organized and easy to find to find. However, the sheer volume of topics is pretty overwhelming.


This website has tons of helpful information on topics ranging from Adoption to Transition Assistance for those leaving the military.

By clicking on the Troops & Families tab, you can find a list of topics with information specifically for your situation. For example, the Adoption tab provides a general overview as well as answers specific questions regarding military policy in regard to adoption. Within the answers to the questions are links to external resources that might prove helpful.

The sidebar has a listing of resources that are located on other websites. These “quality of life” resources may be websites managed by the Military Community and Family Program or they may be websites for other agencies. Each link connects you to valuable information you may need to know. For instance, I clicked on the MC&FP eMagazine archives link. It links to an online magazine that I did not know about, but that had great information on family related topics, such as the Teen Council, the Spouse Employment Partnership and the Month of the Military Child. There are also links to things like the military personnel locater and casualty assistance.

 Other Stuff

Many other links are available on this website. This information covers a wide swath. Interested in social media? Its there. Want demographic info on the Army? Yep, they have that too. Want an RSS feed with the latest info? You got it. Need to start planning your move…this is where you start!

Final Thoughts

This website is a treasure trove of information. There is a little of everything for everyone. The amount of information that is included is my main criticism of this website. There is just so much stuff on here and so many links going in so many directions that it is overwhelming. That being said, the overall navigation is pretty easy and the links do open in a new window, so someone browsing does not end up losing their place. My verdict would be that if you need to find something on here, you probably could with little trouble.

So, visit Military Homefront the next time you have a question. Then come back here and tell me if you find the answer!

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