Video Sunday: Moving Tips from Professional Organizer, Vicki Norris

A great video on the process of organizing for your move. This is a great video for those who are doing any type of move. I like the planning aspect of this video. There are so many helpful tips in this video, I can’t begin to choose which is my favorite.

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I am a military wife, mom and writer. I love to help the military community by sharing my knowledge of life in a military family. I write, blog and spend time chasing my children around. In my spare time, I love to read and ride motorcycles.


  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m an Army wife so I was pleased to find you on the UBC. I loved the planning piece to this this video. Even when I have only a short time to plan I figure out where all of the big furniture pieces are going to go before the movers come. My husband handles the inventory and I direct traffic inside the house. That way all of the main pieces are in place and boxes can stack around them and we don’t have to rearrange big pieces later. Happily I’m staying put this summer!

  2. Peggy,

    What a great resource your site is! I’ll be sharing it with my military friends.


  3. Peggy Crippen says:

    Thanks! Moving is so frequent for military families, I like to help out when I can! Peggy

  4. Peggy Crippen says:

    I am happy to see some military spouses around UBC! I hope what I have to add is helpful. After moving overseas for the first time, I have a new respect for the importance of planning, which is a task I am not so good at! Thanks for visiting!

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