About MMHQ

Military Move HQ is one of my favorite projects.  Moving to a new duty station is a fact of military life.  As military spouses or family members of someone in the military, you live with many uncertainties. I hope to make moving easier on you by sharing official and unofficial resources, information and insights on the topic.

As a soldier’s wife, I got lucky and did not move every other year like some families. However, I can honestly say moving was one of my least favorite things to do. I hate packing and unpacking, but never trusted the movers to do it right. I never could find the information I needed or wanted on where we were headed next.

Although the military websites are getting better, sometimes they bury the information that military families need under mountains of official policies and hard to read government legalese. I strive to dig up that information and share it with you.

Other military families seem to be the best resource to rely on when moving. Much of what I have learned has been through conversation with women in the same situations as me (and you!)

I am collecting little snippets of knowledge from all the different sources I can find. Military Move HQ is the place I will share it.