Video Sunday: Tips on Organizing Your Boxes

This is a short video that gives some ideas on how to organize your boxes for a move. If you are doing a DItY move, this would be especially helpful. If the movers are packing you up, maybe not as useful!

Just try and forgive me for the computerized voice. The tips are good anyway!

Who to Notify When You Move

How do you decide who to notify when you move? Do you put in a change of address at the post office and hope that notification reaches everyone who needs to know? Do you send out postcards to everyone in your little black book? Won’t everyone find you anyway? Even though the internet makes it easy to find people these days, much of the information available online is not correct. Make sure the important personal and business connections can find you!

Who really needs to know how to contact you?

Friends and Family

It is pretty easy to assume you will let family and friends know where you are moving. There are a bunch of ways to notify this group. Give them a phone call, text them or send them an email. Drop everyone in your address book a postcard. Do avoid posting your address and information on social networks that can be viewed by anyone, though.


If you owe money to someone, it is best you notify them when you move. If you miss payments because you did not receive a bill, it can cause your credit to take a hit. Before you move, notify your creditors where you will be moving and when. Don’t count on the mail to be forwarded in a timely manner, because it might not be.

Government Agencies

It goes without saying that at least one government agency will know your new whereabouts, because you are in the military. However, you need to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles, change your vehicle registrations and register to vote in your new location. If anyone in your family receives social security benefits, it will benefit you to keep contact information up-to-date.

Professional Service Providers

If you use a lawyer, accountant or see a specialist physician for a medical conditions; make sure you let them know where you are moving. It may mean they need to transfer records to another service provider or you may just need to let them know why you have disappeared. It is just courteous to the professional to inform them ahead of time.


If you are still subscribing to print magazines, don’t forget to let them know your new address. The magazines will probably catch up to you if you have your mail forwarded, but you won’t receive them in as timely a manner. You can usually make these changes online and never miss an issue!

Professional Organizations

If you belong to work-related organizations and receive professional journals or other correspondence, make sure you don’t forget these either. After all, your alumni association will need to contact you when it has its next telethon fundraiser!


Military Acronyms For Your Move

It doesn’t take long to get lost in the alphabet soup of acronyms when you live the military lifestyle. A seemingly meaningless string of letters exist for every military situation. The longer you are part of a military family, the more of these acronyms you understand and remember.

If you just married into a military family, you may not know them. Or, you may just be like me and refuse to learn the proper military terms for the move that is about to happen. (Hubby tells me sometimes I am difficult, a fact I only argue some of the time!)

Common Military Acronyms

In no particular order of importance, here is my list of military move acronyms.

PCS – Permanent Change of Station.

PPPO – Personal Property Processing Office

TSP – Transportation Service Provider

TMO – Transportation Management Officer

TO – Transportation Office

DPS – Defense Personal Property System

CSS – Customer Satisfaction Survey

HHG – Household Goods

FRV – Full Replacement Value

MCO – Military Claims Office

SIT – Storage in Transit

NTS – Non-Temporary Storage

HOR -Home of Record

HOS – Home of Selection

CONUS – Continental United States

OCONUS – Outside of Continental United States

Did you find an acronym that is not here? Look it up on the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms!

Happy Independence Day!

Today, the post will be brief. I thank all the military service members and their families for defending our right to be the crazy, wonderful and free nation that we are in the United States! You live a lifestyle that few really understand and appreciate.

Enjoy a glimpse of the long awaited World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

A special shout out to my dad and the dwindling number of World War II vets that make up the greatest generation. Thank you for all you did in Europe and the Pacific! You are my hero dad!


Photo Credit: By Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) Wikimedia Commons