Learning about Your New Duty Station

One of the fun things about a PCS move is learning about your new duty station. There are a million ways you can learn about where you are moving, but in case you are too stressed out to think of them with everything else that needs to be done, I’ve come up with a list for you!

Learn About Your New Duty Station from Other Military Families

There is nothing like personal experience to teach you about a new duty station. Sometimes someone who has “been-there and done-that” has the best insights into moving. There is nothing living in a place to teach you about it. The good thing about this is that you can just talk to friends, neighbors and co-workers to get some great tips about what neighborhoods to avoid or where to find the best Mexican food in the area.

The one thing you have to be careful of is that you don’t get all your information from the local “Negative Nancy.” We all know her or someone like her. It doesn’t matter what base or town you PCS to, they are all horrible. The schools stink, the housing is too expensive, there is nothing to do, the town is ugly and on and on and on. Every place you can live has positives and negatives, but it is probably better to start out with a more positive outlook. If you start out with a bad attitude, it will color your  whole time at a duty station. Just don’t…

 Blogs and Websites About Your New Duty Station

The beauty of being in the military now is that people blog and share even the most basic knowledge via the internet. Many of these blogs are written by moms or dads that just want to keep family and friends updated about their lives, but these blogs are a treasure trove of knowledge. Just hearing the stories of everyday life can be comforting when you are nervous about a move.

If you don’t enjoy blogs and want some more factual information about your next duty station, stop by the websites Military Duty Station or Military Spouse’s new Baseguide.

Baseguide has a clickable map that you can use to get information on your next duty station. You can get basic contact information and fast facts on duty stations throughout the U.S.

Military Duty Station is a website designed by a military spouse. She features information shared by people who have been stationed at different bases all over the world. She also hosts military classifieds and her own blog.

Official Military Channels

Go to the Department of Defense Military Installations website. Type in your new duty station or click on the find the “View a directory of installations” link. From that link, you choose branch of service and then a list of installations. If you just want to find out a specific service, such as child development centers, you can just select that in the drop down box and then type the installation name. The links take you to the official links and websites that can give you the official information and contacts.

If you don’t want to get information off of the computer or need a specific question answered, use the websites to get those phone numbers you need. Then, you only have to start dialing to get the answers.

Your New Duty Station on Facebook or Twitter

Everyone is on Facebook or Twitter these days. There are pages for most installation commands and for your branch of the service. The Department of Defense is @DeptofDefense on Twitter and has a Department of Defense Facebook page. Do a search and you can find your installation and branch of service. This is a great way to get the most current information that you want!

Now you have a bunch of ways to find that information you need to make your move successful, go out there and find it!

Image Credit: Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net