Free Resource for Your PCS Move from Sarge’s List

Wow, I just stumbled on to this free resource and thought it was pretty awesome. Maybe some of you might be interested in a freebie!

The Ultimate PCS Guide is a down loadable magazine type publication. There are some great checklists and general information in this guide.

Military Duty Stations is a great resource to learn about your next duty station, so pay them a visit too!


Military Acronyms For Your Move

It doesn’t take long to get lost in the alphabet soup of acronyms when you live the military lifestyle. A seemingly meaningless string of letters exist for every military situation. The longer you are part of a military family, the more of these acronyms you understand and remember.

If you just married into a military family, you may not know them. Or, you may just be like me and refuse to learn the proper military terms for the move that is about to happen. (Hubby tells me sometimes I am difficult, a fact I only argue some of the time!)

Common Military Acronyms

In no particular order of importance, here is my list of military move acronyms.

PCS – Permanent Change of Station.

PPPO – Personal Property Processing Office

TSP – Transportation Service Provider

TMO – Transportation Management Officer

TO – Transportation Office

DPS – Defense Personal Property System

CSS – Customer Satisfaction Survey

HHG – Household Goods

FRV – Full Replacement Value

MCO – Military Claims Office

SIT – Storage in Transit

NTS – Non-Temporary Storage

HOR -Home of Record

HOS – Home of Selection

CONUS – Continental United States

OCONUS – Outside of Continental United States

Did you find an acronym that is not here? Look it up on the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms!