Don’t Forget Change of Address Business Cards When You PCS

When you are moving, everyone will want to know how to contact you at your new place. One great way to be prepared for a move is to purchase business cards with your new address and telephone number.

Business cards are great, because everyone has all your new contact info at their fingertips. The cards fit into a Rolodex  or can be stashed in a wallet or address book.



Vistaprint is great because they give you the opportunity to get the first two-hundred-fifty business cards for free, except the shipping costs. You can get a free rubber stamp for your envelopes, too, if you order right now.


Vistaprint has great gift ideas, invitations and cards, too. Visit their website through the link above and check out what they have available.






**This is a sponsored post.**



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  1. Kimberly says:

    I like to have cards on hand and not just when I’m moving. They are helpful for arranging playdates for my daughter or for directing people to my blog or Facebook page. I made my own with my blog header at the top, but I know most people don’t want to fuss with that.

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