Don’t Forget Change of Address Business Cards When You PCS

When you are moving, everyone will want to know how to contact you at your new place. One great way to be prepared for a move is to purchase business cards with your new address and telephone number.

Business cards are great, because everyone has all your new contact info at their fingertips. The cards fit into a Rolodex  or can be stashed in a wallet or address book.



Vistaprint is great because they give you the opportunity to get the first two-hundred-fifty business cards for free, except the shipping costs. You can get a free rubber stamp for your envelopes, too, if you order right now.


Vistaprint has great gift ideas, invitations and cards, too. Visit their website through the link above and check out what they have available.






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A Round Up of Moving Tips

Today, I’m bringing you on a whirlwind tour of five seven fantastic websites that offer up useful tips and strategies on moving. Check out these moving tips from Life Lessons of a Military Wife, Army Wife Network, FlyLady, The Nest Effect, Find Joy in the Journey, The Joyful Organizer and Movers-Edge.

We start our tour at Life Lessons of  a Military Wife where we see exactly what we need to do before our next PCS. While we are at it, we can figure out how to do that property inventory we have been meaning to get around to someday. She has tons of other tips on how to make your PCS a success, too!

Army Wife Network teaches us how to put together a “PCS Central” notebook and gives some great all around tips on the PCS move in their post, PCS Preparedness.

If you have never heard of Flylady, it is time that you do! She is the nicest and most down-to-earth person that I don’t actually know. She feels like one of my favorite aunties as she helps me to have a more organized, uncluttered and clean house. Here is her take on moving tips!

At Nest Effect, I found some pretty cool printable labels to make your move a bit more organized. I found that post on Pintrest and love the labels.  Find Joy in the Journey has a great printable moving log available on the post how to move 1000 miles and keep track of your stuff.

The Joyful Organizer reminds us to make sure we have copies of our family’s medical records with us when we move and tons of other tips on the post Get Moving!

I love the idea of having an “Open Me First” box that is mentioned in Movers-Edge 101 Best Moving Tips.

What is your best moving tip or your favorite place to get moving tips?

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Free Resource for Your PCS Move from Sarge’s List

Wow, I just stumbled on to this free resource and thought it was pretty awesome. Maybe some of you might be interested in a freebie!

The Ultimate PCS Guide is a down loadable magazine type publication. There are some great checklists and general information in this guide.

Military Duty Stations is a great resource to learn about your next duty station, so pay them a visit too!


Review of Military Youth on the Move Website

While I was reading up on some topics related to my kiddos, I stumbled upon the MYOM website. I found it useful, so I thought I would review Military Youth on the Move and share what I found with all of you.

History of Military Youth on the Move

Military Youth on the Move (MYOM) is a Department of Defense Website designed to make PCS moves easier for school aged military kids. This website was designed to support children of military service members who were making a Permanent Change of Station move. This website came into existence as a result of the 1996 National Defense Authorization Act, which required military installations to provide support services to preteen and teenage children of military service members.

Who is Military Youth on the Move for?

This website is for all school aged children and their parents. Information is divided into age appropriate sections of Kids (age 6 to 8), Preteens (age 9-12), Teenagers (13 to 17), and Parents. Information is written on a level that each age level can easily read and understand.

What information can I find on MYOM?

The sections for children each contain sections titled: The New Kid, My New School, Money Matters, Leadership, and Get Involved. The teenage section also contains additional section, What’s Next? Within each of the sections, articles on the topic address common concerns and give tips to make the transition easier. Some article titles include: Making New Friends, Homework Help, and Become a Good Leader.

The section for parents has even more useful information. Articles on moving with pets, OCONUS moves, family activities, and family financial guidance. The parent section is divided into sections to make it easy to navigate as well.

If you enjoy podcasts, a whole section of them are available as well. Great for those who don’t like to read. (The reading is pretty light weight, though!)

How easy is it to navigate MYOM?

This website has an easy to follow menu with clearly labeled sections for kids, preteens and teens. Additionally, if you just want to read about a particular topic you can click on the buttons across the top to find that information. It is easy to find what you want quickly, which is a big plus.

Bottom Line

MYOM is an easy to use website with good basic information covering a range of topics that are very relevant to military families. With the podcasts, videos and networking groups that are available in conjunction with the site; it is definitely worth a visit.