What is a DItY Move?

DItY  Move stands for “Do It Yourself” Move. The military has changed the name of the DItY Move to the Personally Procured Move Program (PPM.) PPM and DiTY Move are two names for the same thing.

A DItY Move is what the military classifies a move you do on your own –  with no movers.  Instead of having a government-contracted moving company pack your goods and ship them to your new home, you do it all. In return, you get the cash that the government would have paid to the movers. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Before you throw your things in the back of a pickup and take off, make sure you learn a bit more about the DItY Move.

Under this program, you are free to move your possessions in your own vehicles or in rental vehicles. You also have the option of finding your own moving company and dealing directly with that company.

You are eligible to receive up to 95% of what the government would pay the contracted movers.

Things you will be responsible for in a PPM:

  • Getting packing materials and boxes
  • Packing and unpacking your possessions
  • Renting or finding an appropriate vehicle to carry your goods
  • Locating scales that are certified
  • Weighing vehicles empty and full
  •  Obtaining certified weight tickets
  • Keeping accurate records and expense receipts
  • Submitting applicable paperwork ( will differ depending on branch of service)

Advantages of the PPM/DItY Move

There are a few advantages to choosing the PPM over a traditional military move. Money is often the biggest motivator when military families choose to move themselves.  If you can find a way to move yourself more inexpensively than what the government does, you can make a profit. If you are worried about how the movers might care for you belongings, a PPM move gives you complete control.  Because you pack, move and unpack your things, if anything gets lost or broken you get to take responsibility for it. You will likely take better care of your things than a random mover! For those that are organized, you may end up with extra time off. Additional leave time is allocated for those making a DItY move. This can mean you will have more time to settle in and opportunity to get to know your new duty station better.

Challenges of the PPM/DItY Move

Moving is stressful. Whether you choose to do it yourself or have movers do it for you, the transition between duty stations is difficult. Doing all the work yourself will add a higher level stress to your move. The phone calls and leg work necessary to obtain information, compare rates and finalize plans is not something for the poorly organized or unmotivated.  Moving furniture and boxes is physically taxing. If you have young children, little support or a family member with health issues; the physical requirements of the move may be nearly impossible.

Bottom Line

Think beyond the dollar figure when deciding to complete a PPM. There is no correct answer to the question, “Should I move myself?” Because every family has a unique set of circumstances, do the research and understand the challenges and benefits as it relates to your family.